Facilitation has been defined in the Cambridge Business English Dictionary as “the act of helping other people to deal with a process or reach agreement or solution without getting directly involved in the process”.  At iolite consulting, we recommend engaging an external facilitator in a variety of situations; typically these would include when a team needs to develop a strategy, when they are coming together for the first time (as a form of team building), when they are commencing a project or simply to improve the communication within the team. A facilitated session with Sarah may include:

  • A guided and interactive step by step process resulting in discussion, agreement and a set of actionable plans (i.e. a strategy, a vision or a set of values)
  • Activities which promote greater understanding of  team members (especially useful when a team is newly formed)
  • Activities that highlight differences in communication and learning styles (to develop improved team performance)
  • Team dynamics workshops which educate the team about stages of team development, and assist them in understanding what needs to be done to work together toward a common goal

Sarah has found that team building sessions work best when supplemented with 1:1 coaching for individual team members.

If you would like to understand more about facilitation and how iolite consulting can assist you, please contact Sarah.

I have worked with and observed Sarah facilitate workshops and training on a number of occasions. Her authentic presence, active listening skills and the rapport and credibility she is able to build with groups at all levels in the organisation results in positive outcomes and experiences. I would highly recommend Sarah as a valuable resource for any organisation to assist with Leadership training, coaching and facilitation. 

Esther, Group General Manager People, 2016